My Projects


I am primarily playing with the DC-based cover band called Looking for Lester. We play all kinds of fun party rock as well as some jazzy pop tunes. We generally play cafes, hotels, bars, lounges, and the like. We are also happy to perform at community centers, block parties, private parties and other special events. Send me an e-mail for more information.



I have written music for weddings, special events and small film projects. I particularly like writing vocal and chamber music with the occasional pop song thrown in for good measure. I have a few different compositions underway now - check here for samples as pieces progress.


Publishing Company

I have begun to set up a publishing company. Once it is established, I will use it to publish my own works as well as the music of others. It wont be particularly large, but hopefully will become something that can operate successfully at a regional level.



Many people have said to me, Stickman, you have a lot of great stories, hilarious analogies, and a fantastic way of expressing yourself - you should write a book. Well, I am actually planning 2 of them. One will essentially be a series of my favorite/most appreciated stories; all of which are, surprisingly, true. The other is a secret for now, but will be a thoughtful little multi-media work you can give as a gift to your family and friends (that was a hint - be ready to get your copies as soon as they are available!).